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Athletes know that ALL sports are high-impact, contact sports.

Sticky Shox™ adhesive gel pads PROTECT during impact, help to PREVENT injury, and allow you to PERFORM at a higher level.

Just peel it and stick it!

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*FLEXIBLE & Durable

*Shock absorbing

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"I like to wear Sticky Shox™ under my volleyball knee pads for extra protection against painful bruises."

- Lily

Lily Testimonial-01.png

"As a collegiate libero, I wear Sticky Shox™ on my hips to protect against hip bruising and floor burns."

- Madeline


"I wear Sticky Shox™ on my knee and shin when I play softball for added protection and confidence when I steal and slide."

- Grace


"Wearing Sticky Shox™ on my ribs when I play basketball gives me the extra protection I need, without hindering my performance."

- Timmi